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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

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President Biden is still pushing critical race theory in schools all over the country. Now in the form of a bill misleadingly named the 'Civics Secures Democracy Act' creates a federal mandate for this curriculum to enhance the teaching of 'racial inequities' and a national test with a new woke vision of history and civics. This national test would usurp the power of local school boards and nationalize neighborhood classrooms. President Biden has called for a gas tax holiday, something that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have called a gimmick since it does nothing to address increasing domestic oil production, which would offset the price. It's simple supply and demand economics, yet Biden refuses to allow any oil drilling on leased land controlled by the federal government. Sadly, Biden cowers to the Sierra Club and leftwing radical environmentalists to decrease production which drives up the cost and forces Americans out of their cars and into public transportation in the name of an environmental emergency, and the same will happen with single-family housing. Then, Biden continues to claim that inflation was caused by the war in Ukraine, yet the Federal Reserve chairman admits that inflation was high even before the war. The children in Uvalde didn’t have a chance because they had armed, trained grown men with body armor who did nothing. The Uvalde school district Police Chief is a coward. Steve McGraw, Director of the Texas Public Safety Department says this response, which was delayed by over an hour, was an abject failure. Armed officers stood by under the Chief's order while children were executed. Clarence Thomas wrote a brilliant opinion on the now unconstitutional New York law regarding carrying a concealed pistol or revolver. The Supreme Court found that New York's 'proper cause' law violated the second amendment and prior case law. No special need or 'proper cause' is needed, as that would violate the 14th amendment. There is no need to demonstrate 'proper cause' for one's right to free speech or any other Constitutional right, and as such one's right to protect themselves in their home extends outside their home as well. A state's regulations may not impede one's constitutional right. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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