Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

Kade Moir

Have you ever experienced something that can’t be explained? Believe is a podcast where witnesses of the strange and unexplained can share their stories and encounters. Join host Kade Moir for one on one interviews with every day people and others from around the world who have witnessed UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts, Paranormal Experiences and the unexplainable!

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In this live broadcast, Kade Moir invites listeners to share their strange and unexplainable encounters, reflecting on the paranormal-focused Season 20 of his podcast. He encourages live comments and phone-ins to discuss Yowie sightings, potential UFO hoaxes, and personal experiences with the paranormal.

Additionally, Kade teases an upcoming documentary exploring the mysterious location of Hill End. The show navigates through various topics like the skeptical view on newly resurfaced Nazca mummies and listener experiences with Yowies, providing a platform for community interaction and sharing of paranormal stories. Kade also addresses the future content direction post-Season 20 and hints at exploring notable Australian mysteries in his documentary work.

00:00 Welcome to the Live Broadcast!

00:43 Season 20 Wrap-Up and What's Next

01:46 Engaging with the Community: Live Chat and Viewer Interactions

03:11 Supporting the Show and Upcoming Documentary Tease

04:48 Listener Call-Ins: Sharing Paranormal Encounters

06:32 Deep Dive into UFOs and the Nazca Mummies Controversy

09:11 Exploring Yowie Encounters and Theories

15:46 Listener Stories and Theories on Paranormal Phenomena

27:15 Adventures and Close Encounters

28:16 The Impact of AI on Storytelling

29:11 Community Dynamics and the Quest for Authenticity

33:59 Exploring the UFO Phenomenon and Public Perception

44:52 Viewer Engagement and Closing Thoughts

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Believe: Night Shift - Australia’s only Paranormal & UFO talk-back radio show!

Broadcasting live from the glorious Eastern Coast of Australia to the darkest corner of your greatest fears.

Prepare yourself for terrifying tales of Yowies, UFOs, ghosts, paranormal anomalies and much more, nothing is impossible, and nothing is off limits!

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