Groundwater, Public Health, and Environment Podcast

Groundwater, Public Health, and Environment Podcast

Brian Mailloux

I am a Professor at Barnard College. My expertise is groundwater microbiology with a focus on linking Arsenic and carbon sources. My podcasts enable me to talk to scientists from around the world about their work.

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I talk with Scott Fendorf of Stanford University about his review paper on arsenic from Science. Fendorf, S., H. A. Michael and A. van Geen (2010). "Spatial and Temporal Variations of Groundwater Arsenic in South and Southeast Asia." Science 328(5982): 1123-1127.

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  • 8 - Scott Fendorf 
    Tue, 15 Oct 2019
  • 7 - Linda Steg 
    Mon, 25 Mar 2019
  • 6 - Discussion on the Struggle to Govern the Commons 
    Mon, 11 Mar 2019
  • 5 - Discussion with Karin Broberg and Michael Palmgren 
    Thu, 12 Jul 2018
  • 4 - Dave Strayer 
    Fri, 08 Jun 2018
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