Dawn of Mantis: True Crime, Mysteries and More

Dawn of Mantis: True Crime, Mysteries and More

Dawn of Mantis Podcast

Things Mysterious, Things Fantastic! Dawn of Mantis is a variety podcast that tackles subjects such as true crime, music history, disappearances, the paranormal and/or anything mysterious. We research and discuss topics that are interesting to us and hopefully interesting to you, the listener. We also write and record some comedy bits and throw them into the mix. We have fun with this podcast so if this sounds like your cup of tea, come on in and give us a listen. Longtime friends Joe and Ivan host with Sam, producer, co-host, sponsor and new friend yet tri-force completing member, deliver the case and a whole lot more. (Check bio for an adequate comedy bit) 

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In episode 5 of our 6 part series on the Phantom Killer, Youell and Peggy give their statements as to what happened during the weeks of the attacks in Texarkana. While Youell denied any involvement, Peggy began a series of interviews in which she divulged more and more, until outright accusing her husband of murder. Her testimony certainly was damning, but the law stated that a woman could not be forced to testify against her husband, which was a huge problem. Also, despite the large amount of circumstantial evidence, no concrete physical evidence had yet been found, causing the police to have to get creative.  (Subject Matter Begins @ 4:58) 

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