18 Summers: Podcast for Parents

18 Summers: Podcast for Parents

Jim & Jamie Sheils

Welcome to the 18 Summers Podcast for Parents! Family life is essential – hosts Jim & Jamie Sheils are on a mission to help you live your best one. You’ll hear personal, inspiring and mindset-shifting stories from thought leaders in parenting, entrepreneurship and more. You CAN find success in business WITHOUT sacrificing your family. Always authentic and relatable, Jim & Jamie have guided thousands of families in creating the family life they’ve always wanted. Listen in and learn how you, too, can ignite your family life to make the absolute most of your 18 Summers.

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Swap out the screen time; read with your kids! Tune in to this episode and transform your parenting perspectives as Neil Rosen inspires us on the connecting power of books. Discover how you can use books as conversation starters on real-world topics with your teenagers to cultivate an open-minded mind within your young ones.



Key takeaways to listen for:

  • The uniting power of reading with your family
  • Valuable insights on entrepreneurship and schooling
  • How an open-minded parenting fosters better paths for your children
  • A parenting approach to allow your children to create their own path
  • Strategic ways to nurture your child’s self-discovery in shaping their future





Do you want to create a legendary family life like Jim and Jamie? Go to www.JJPlaybook.com to schedule a call with a sales counselor and download your own copy of their book, Passive Income Playbook, so you never have to choose between work and family ever again!


Are you looking for new, creative ways to bond with your family while elevating your reading experience? Sign up at https://professorstork.com/subscribe/ to become part of Professor Stork's Family Book Club and receive FREE educational and inspirational book recommendations!



About Neil Rosen

Neil is a multifaceted entrepreneur and author with a diverse education, psychology, and entrepreneurship background. He holds advanced degrees in both Education and Psychology and has spent 12 years teaching elementary school in public education. 


Neil founded the National School Reporting Services, providing millions of families with invaluable information online. Today, he focuses primarily on writing books, ranging from fiction children's books under Professor Stork's pen name to insightful nonfiction books for adults wanting to navigate parenting and education better.



Connect with Neil

Website: Professor Stork



Connect with Us

To learn more about us, visit our website at www.18summers.com or email us at info@18summers.com. To get a copy of our book “The Family Board Meeting”, click here.


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