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The Robot Industry Podcast

Jim Beretta in partnership with A3 Association for Advancing Automation and Painted Robot.

Podcast for the Automation, Robotics and Manufacturing Industries by host, Jim Beretta. The podcast is partnered with A3 | RIA Robotics Industry Association and We discuss trends, innovation, and important tech for advanced manufacturing.

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Kristian Tazbazian is the Co-Founder/COO at Gastronomous Technologies, and we have a bit of history. Tell us a bit about Gastronomous, you have just moved locations, I understand. What is the market for automated robot chefs?  Who are your bulls-eye clients? Partnerships are really important here. Tell us a bit about some of these? What are the motivators for your prospect customers? Is there any AI in your application?Where do you think we will see the robot, or will we even see it?You are doing the really hard work, innovating kitchens with a modular perspective, why this modular approach?You have had a lot of interest from around the world, what gets you most excited for this technology? To find out more about Gastronomous If you would like to reach out Kristian, here is his LinkedIn profile can also reach out at him and his team at Enjoy the podcast. Thanks for subscribing, thanks for listening. Regards, Jim Jim Beretta Customer Attraction Industrial Marketing & The Robot Industry Podcast BTW you can check out our history here: Thanks to our partners: A3 The Association for Advancing Automation and PaintedRobot. If you would like to get involved with The Robot Industry Podcast, would like to become a guest or nominate someone, you can find me, Jim Beretta on LinkedIn or send me an email to therobotindustry at gmail dot com, no spaces. Our sponsor for this episode is Ehrhardt Automation Systems. Ehrhardt builds and commissions robotic turnkey automated solutions for their worldwide clients. With over 80 years of precision manufacturing they understand the complex world of automated manufacturing, project management, supply chain and delivering world-class custom automation on-time and on-budget. Contact one of their sales engineers to see what Ehrhardt can build for you at Keywords and terms for this podcast: Gastronomous, Robot chefs, Robots that cook, #therobotindustrypodcast

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