Juras-Sick Park-Cast

Juras-Sick Park-Cast

Ryan Rogers

Welcome to the Juras-Sick Park-Cast, the Jurassic Park podcast where guests chat with me about Michael Crichton’s 1990 novel Jurassic Park, and also not that, too.

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Welcome to the Juras-Sick Park-Cast podcast, the Jurassic Park podcast about Michael Crichton's 1990 novel Jurassic Park, and also not about that, too.  Find the episode webpage at: Episode 37 - Bungalow. In this episode, my terrific guest Melissa Ray joins the show to chat with me about: melding the novel and the film together, differences between the film and the novel, like discussions around feminism, better versions of Ellie and Lex in the film, symbolism in the baseball and baseball mit, daddy issues, carrying baseballs and night vision goggles around, how did Lex and Tim's parents meet?, Ellie is conclusively not dating Alan Grant, and Grant is a childless widower, Sattler's portrayal, black and white symbolizing differences between Malcolm and Hammond in the film, the two "female ends" of the seatbelt in the helicopter ride to Isla Nublar foreshadowing the all-female breeding animals, overanalyzing movies today, John Williams' soundtrack, technological advancements in cinematography, Nedry's demise, reading into Hammond's fall, Aristotelian tragedies, incorporating mystery, and much more!   Plus dinosaur news about: A review of European Triassic theropods New giant theropod material from the Kem Kem CompoundAssemblage (Morocco) with implications on the diversity of the mid-Cretaceouscarcharodontosaurids from North Africa Featuring the music of Snale https://snalerock.bandcamp.com/releases  Intro: Centipede.  Outro: Supergroovy. The Text: This week’s text is Bungalow, spanning from pages 198 – 204. Synopsis: Wu wants to figure out if Grant’s amphibian DNA hypothesis holds the answer to their breeding dinosaur problem, but he’s sidetracked by Hammond’s insistence to eat dinner first. They realize that the monitor is out in the dining room of Hammond’s Bungalow, and the phones are out.  Discussions surround: The Illusion of Control, Wu the Genius, Movie Adaptation, Feminism, Control is a Hoax, Payoffs, Entrepreneurship, Neutering the dinosaurs, Narratives, Ancestry, Money, The Dinosaurs and The God Complex. Corrections:   Side effects:  May cause you to totally miss the point.  Find it on iTunes, on Spotify (click here!) or on Podbean (click here). Thank you! The Jura-Sick Park-cast is a part of the Spring Chickens banner of amateur intellectual properties including the Spring Chickens funny pages, Tomb of the Undead graphic novel, the Second Lapse graphic novelettes, The Infantry, and the worst of it all, the King St. Capers. You can find links to all that baggage in the show notes, or by visiting the schickens.blogpost.com or finding us on Facebook, at Facebook.com/SpringChickenCapers or me, I’m on twitter at @RogersRyan22 or email me at ryansrogers-at-gmail.com.  Thank you, dearly, for tuning in to the Juras-Sick Park-Cast, the Jurassic Park podcast where we talk about the novel Jurassic Park, and also not that, too. Until next time!  #JurassicPark #MichaelCrichton

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