Latina Bachata live
Latina Bachata
Daniel Santacruz - Al Otro Lado Del Mar

Al Otro Lado Del Mar

Daniel Santacruz 23 hours ago
Luis Segura - Cariñito de Mi Vida

Cariñito de Mi Vida

Luis Segura 23 hours ago
Solo 2 - Amor Por Dentro

Amor Por Dentro

Solo 2 23 hours ago
Carlos y Alejandra - Melodia de Amor

Melodia de Amor

Carlos y Alejandra 23 hours ago
Joe Veras - Cartas del Verano

Cartas del Verano

Joe Veras 23 hours ago
Prince Royce - El Amor Que Perdimos

El Amor Que Perdimos

Prince Royce 23 hours ago
Croma Latina - Fotonovela


Croma Latina 23 hours ago
Toby Love - Vestida de Blanco

Vestida de Blanco

Toby Love 23 hours ago
El Gringo de la Bachata - A Esos Hombres

A Esos Hombres

El Gringo de la Bachata 23 hours ago
Toke D Keda - Quito Tu Foto

Quito Tu Foto

Toke D Keda 23 hours ago
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Latina Bachata live

Le Son Latino

For those who carry the rhythm of bachata in their soul, Latina Bachata is more than just a radio station—it's a cultural hub. Embracing the essence of this Dominican-born music style, the station serves as a communal space for aficionados within the region to connect with the sounds that define their collective identity.

The programming is a reflection of the community's pulse, featuring an eclectic mix of bachata that ranges from the soul-stirring strums of the requinto to the contemporary beats that have influenced the genre's evolution. It's a celebration of the dance, the music, and the spirit of bachata, delivered with a warmth and familiarity that only a local station can provide.

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Frequenties Latina Bachata

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Laatste 7 dagen:

1. DLG - Volveré

2. J'Martin - Cada Vez Que Te Vas (Radio Edit)

3. King of Love - Eres Tu

4. Jr. - Otro Te Besa

5. Vena - Por Mentiras

6. Rey John - Luna

7. Yera - Bachata Blue

8. Christian Daniel - Me Vuelvo un Cobarde (Bachata)

9. Alex Bueno - Ese Hombre Soy Yo

10. Domenic Marte - Ven Tu

Laatste 30 dagen:

1. Shainy El Brillante - Vuelve

2. J'Martin - Cada Vez Que Te Vas (Radio Edit)

3. Jean - Can't Find Love

4. Vena - Por Mentiras

5. Domenic Marte - Ven Tu

6. Opalo - Amor Sincero

7. Issac Delgado - Que No Se Te Olvide

8. Xtreme - Te Extraño

9. Andy Andy - Mejor Decir Adiós

10. Jr. - Hacerte Mia




Radio Latina, 167 Rue du Chevaleret, 75013 Paris, France


0825 24 10 10


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