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ugvm Podcast


Four (usually) old men from Great Britain (mostly) talk about video games! They've been playing since the 1970s and most of them are wrong about everything! Thrill to the excitement of the Usenet newsgroup known as, from the early days of the Internet before social media! With your host deKay and a rotating cast of thousands! (Presenters subject to change without notice.)

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"Dammit, Link" cursed Zelda, "Just jump! You've got a bloody parachute!". Link didn't answer. He never did. Zelda kicked him over the edge. "Father was right", she said. Episode 72! This time, deKay, Kendrick and Zo discuss the fortuitously timed (for once) Sony Not-E3 Presentation and the games therein, Kendrick's new telephone (look, we're short of content), and Nintendo being sued because of lootboxes in Mario Kart Tour. And we played some games!

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