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Welcome to Pulse, the heartbeat of the SaaS software industry. Your host, Andreas Creten, CEO of madewithlove, is excited to bring you an interesting episode where he will be joined by Simone Eret, recruiting manager at madewithlove.

Together, they will unveil the secrets of hiring and retaining the best talent in the software industry. From the art of identifying the perfect candidates to the science of building a culture that keeps them engaged and motivated, they will take you on a journey. Whether you're a hiring manager, a team lead, or just someone looking to elevate your own hiring process, this episode is a must-listen. So, come along and join Andreas and Simone as they delve into the world of talent acquisition in the software industry.

The blogpost: https://madewithlove.com/blog/pulse-the-podcast/pulse-episode-9-hiring-and-retaining-talent-with-simone-eret/

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