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Digital Transformation Pioneers is a podcast dedicated to experts and industry leaders on the cutting edge of tech. Pioneers are the thought leaders and groundbreakers who turn the newly discovered into the next industry standard. We're interviewing the best and brightest to bring you testimonials of how the spirit of innovation accelerates hyper-growth for businesses across the globe. If you're looking to unlock the hidden value of fundamental tools like Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite, Jira, and more, this is the podcast for you. Come break ground with us. Each episode features topics like: augmented reality, application integration, workflow automation, SaaS, Blockchain, data integration, machine learning, API management, sales velocity, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, best practices and more.

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How does that old saying go? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” 

While the origins of that quote may be unknown, the lessons and the message rings true today. Innovation is almost always sparked by necessity, and in these trying times that we are operating in right now, by crisis. And nowhere is that more true than the banking industry. 

On this episode of Digital Transformation Pioneers, we sit down to talk with Darcy Rippon to talk all about: 

-How the banking industry is rapidly adapting in the face of crisis

-The steps that an organization should take if they’re looking to kickstart innovation

-How to identify broken processes and rebuild them into something that works across the organization

For more tactics and strategies on digital transformation, check out our Digital Transformation Pioneers podcast on Apple Podcasts on Spotify, or on our website.

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